G7th Performance Guitar Capo

This is a very unique capo in that it uses a memory gear that will hold the exact pressure that one squeezes...

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SNARK Clip-On Chromatic Tuner for ALL INSTRUMENTS

This is one of the most accurate tuners in this price range that we have found. It has a very secure clip and...

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Used Martin D-18V 2011 Model

This guitar is like Brand New! The D-18V is a staple guitar for traditionalist and new agers alike because of...

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Johnson Blues King 12 Harmonica Set

Includes All 12 Major Key Harmonicas with Brass Reeds and Carrying Case.

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Regal RD-52 Black Lightening Squareneck Resophonic Guitar

Great sounding and playing dobro, especially in this price range.  This is a reproduction of the vintage reso...

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SV-175 Fiddle/Violin Outfit

This is an incredible instrument for the money.  We don’t see how they sell them for this price.  All...

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